New innovative interactive movies via DomSpace APP

It is with great pleasure _______ announces on a new innovative interactive technologhy that is going to be part of our platform:

________ teamed up with DomSpace and now you can watch an interactive movie while the Bluetooth sex toys of the movie synced with the movie will give you a real-life experience.

The idea

The idea of the DomSpace app was born when DomSpace realized that we want to make the BDSM experience of watching movies as real and live as possible and make it available to everyone anywhere anytime.

What the App does?

DomSpace App is a web browser that integrates movies and Bluetooth devices, while watching a movie the Sex toys and the padlock are synced with the movie and enhance the user experience.

This is a demo movie we created to show the app is working when watching an interactive movie:

What’s Next and How to use the App

To start using the DomSpace app follow these steps:

  • Download DomSpace App: Apple Store or Google Play – it’s free to download!
  • Open your favorite interactive content creator page on ________
  • Choose an interactive movie
  • buy the toys and the padlock
  • Connect to the Supported toys and padlock
  • Subscribe to the DomSpace App
  • Watch and enjoy the interactive movie.

DomSpace interactive user experience is going to change the world of BDSM and Domination as you know it and the movie watching experience will never be the same after you watch an interactive movie.


Contact us for any questions you might have.