We just launched our new DomSpace mobile app for both Apple and Android and it is now available to use with Justfor.fans and Loyalfans.com platforms.

Your fans will have a whole new level of experience and they will feel as if it’s a live session while watching your clips.

DomSpace mobile app Watch & Feel enables you to add a padlock and Lovense toys to your clips that will work according to your decision. 

DomSpace enables you to add to your clips a padlock that will open when you decide in addition you can also add Lovense Toys that will work according to your decision.

You can set the time code, velocity or pattern.

DomSpace editor is easy to use, in a few minutes you can edit any clip: 

Justfor.fans Content creator guide

Loyalfans.com Content creator guide

How do you make more money using DomSpace App?

  • Even before you start creating interactive clips you tell your fans that starting a certain date you will have interactive clips that can be watched using DomSpace App. Become an affiliate of lovense.com and dsstore.co and tell your fans to buy the lock and which toys, this way you get paid for each sale. 

  • We recommend creating an interactive profile on justfor.fans and /or loyalfans.com dedicated to the interactive clips in which your subscription fee will cost more than your regular profile. 

  • This profile will generate a passive income because your profile will be the only way for users to watch your clips with the padlock and the Lovense toys

  • The minute you will create new interactive clips it will generate new fans, that would be interested in watching your interactive clips with the padlock and the Lovense toys.

  • The DomSpace App is free to add the padlock and the Lovense toys to the movie.

  • Fans are paying a monthly subscription for the DomSpace app, and they can watch as many content creators interactive clips as they want.

Contact Us

  • For free trial coupon to test the app, or any questiions please email us at domspace1010@gmail.com